Dark Sun: Wake Of The Ravager

To use any of the codes you must start the game with the command -k911 simply add the -k911 command after the startup command dsun like this:
dsun -k911
Note: do not use ravager to start the game you must use dsun followed by the cheet commands. The following are other comand line parameters used after the -k911. For example:

dsun -k911 -s -p -m -a
-s — Will start you out with all of the spells
-p — will start you out with all of the psyonics
-m — no music
-a — no intro
The following is a list of keys to hit durring the game:
T — raise the level of the entire party by one
t — raise the level of one character during his turn in combat
m/M — memorize all of the spells
alt F2 — god party (invincibility?)
alt F4 — spellcasters memorize all spells