D.O.G. Fight For Your Life

Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Activate cheat codes will disable scoring.

Effect – Cheat Code
No collisions – mmghost
No clipping – mmlevitate
Full ammo – mmtriggerhappy
God mode – mmfaithnomore
New buggy – mmferrari
Level skip – mmactivate
Destroy all enemies – mmjustice
Booster pack for buggy – mmparanoide

Daedalus Encounter

To Jump To Any Part Of The Game

From the Main Menu select GAME. Hit ALT-F5. Pick JUMP TO and it will show thumbnails of various scenes in the game. Click on one to jump to it.

To Skip A Puzzle

Use ALT-SHIFT and the first letter of the puzzle’s name. For example, to skip the Probe Logic Circuit Puzzle by pressing ALT- SHIFT-P. The exception is the Orbit puzzle- use ALT-SHIFT-I. The code is different for each puzzle.