Balls Of Steel

Press [Print Screen], then type one of the following codes during game play on the indicated table to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Toggle ball blocker (Any) grand canyon

Set to final ball (Any) last legs

Time increased (Any) morlock

Time reduced (Any) eloi

Points added (Any) pitchfork

Video modes ready (Any) couch potato

Powerball enabled (Any) warp core

Decision ready Darkside whodunnit

Kickbacks recharged Darkside bucket

2-ball ready Darkside evil twin

Extra ball lit Darkside freakshow

Super cannon ready Darkside nerf gun

Super pops lit Darkside popcorn

Crawler attack lit Darkside roach motel

Target practice ready Darksid t-minus 1

Bug hunt ready Darkside t-minus 2

Guard duty ready Darkside t-minus 3

Xenophobia ready Darkside t-minus 4

Meteor storm ready Darkside t-minus 5

Rescue ready Darkside t-minus 6

Showdown ready Darkside t-minus 7

Final assault ready Darkside t-minus 8

3-ball ready Darkside triplets

Mystery ready Duke Nukem whodunnit

Kickbacks recharged Duke Nukem bucket

Extra ball lit Duke Nukem freakshow

All keys Duke Nukem gatekeeper

Pickups Duke Nukem meat market

Come get some mode Duke Nukem t-minus 1

Let god sort’em out mode Duke Nukem t-minus 2

Nukem’ til they glow mode Duke Nukem t-minus 3

Blast’em into space mode Duke Nukem t-minus 4

Mail to the King, Baby mode Duke Nukem t-minus 5

More guts, more glory mode Duke Nukem t-minus 6

Final Duke mode Duke Nukem t-minus 7

3-ball ready Duke Nukem triplets

Mystery lit Firestorm whodunnit

Kickbacks relit Firestorm bucket

2-ball ready Firestorm evil twin

Extra ball lit Firestorm freakshow

Car chase ready Firestorm road rage

Countdown Firestorm t-minus 1

Freeway chaos Firestorm t-minus 2

Bomb Scare Firestorm t-minus 3

Waterfront mode Firestorm t-minus 4

Airport mode Firestorm t-minus 5

Subway Alert Firestorm t-minus 6

Arson Attack Firestorm t-minus 7

Firestorm Firestorm t-minus 8

3-ball ready Firestorm triplets

Gift of the Gods Barbarian whodunnit

Death Savers lit Barbarian bucket

Extra ball lit Barbarian freakshow

Earth mode Barbarian dry

Air mode Barbarian cool

Fire mode Barbarian hot

Water mode Barbarian wet

Portal mode Barbarian yorick

Citadel ready Barbarian new york

Diamond mode Barbarian t-minus 1

Sapphire mode Barbarian t-minus 2

Ruby mode Barbarian t-minus 3

Opal mode Barbarian t-minus 4

Emerald mode Barbarian t-minus 5

Blade mode Barbarian t-minus 6

3-ball ready Barbarian triplets

Mystery award lit Mutation whodunnit

Kickbacks relit Mutation bucket

2-ball ready Mutation evil twin

Extra ball lit Mutation freakshow

Super pops lit Mutation popcorn

Toxic Spores lit Mutation toadstool

Red Alert lit Mutation t-minus 1

Atom smashing lit Mutation t-minus 2

Feed the Beasts lit Mutation t-minus 3

High Voltage lit Mutation t-minus 4

Radiation leak lit Mutation t-minus 5

Mutation lit Mutation t-minus 6

Outbreak lit Mutation t-minus 7

3-ball ready Mutation triplets