Back to Baghdad

Reviving a dead pilot
1. Go to the Control Center – Pilot Selection.
2. Select the Pilot Name from the Pilot list.
3. Double-click on the pilot name like you where choosing that name.
4. Double-click on the Shiny Harness buckle on the picture of the pilot in the cockpit.
5. Click on OK – screen will appear to freeze – wait a few seconds until your HD light stops.
6. Click on OK again and you will return to the Control Center.
The pilot’s status should now change from “deceased” to “pining for the fjords”.

During gameplay, press ESC. Then press “A” and “A” again. You will now see a monitor with some writing on it. Press “A” to enter any of the following cheats, and “B” to exit:

god – God mode
ammo – Full ammo
weapons – All weapons

Backyard Baseball

Special Hitting
When playing the computer, get a person on first. If the computer hits a grounder, throw to second then first(making a double play). Then you will hear a sound to get a special!
Giant Players
Create a team and never get out with Pablo Sanchez in the first game.
Secret Players
Make a team that is black and called Mighty Monsters. Win all of your season games. Then create another team. You will be able to pick people like: Mark Mcgwire, Sammy Sosa, Ken Griffey Jr., Babe Ruth, Hank Arron, and Willey Mays.
English Pablo Sanchez
Pablo speaks english! Go to the player cards screen and click on Pablo Sanchez. Then hold shift and click on his picture. He says the same thing every time you do it, though.
Go to season play mode and put in new coach. Pick team, and go to first game. When you are on the field, put the cursor near the batter, on the upper corner and keep pressing escape. Pitch the ball, but still repeatingly press escape. Repeat the process 2 more times, and you will most likely strike the batter out.
Awesome Player
Go to “Create your own team” and make their colors all pink. Then select Maria Luna and she will be on fire. She will have 10 batting, 10 running, 9 pitching, and 9 fielding. Have fun!
Win All Levels
To win all levels is simple. Just kick the ball out of bounds, and press: Shift, Tab, and Enter. Note: May not work on all versions.
Play as Mr. Clanky
To play as Mr. Clanky, go to the trophy case in the clubhouse and hold [Shift] as you click on him!
(Note: This cheat only works in Exhibition Mode.)