Abyss, The Incident At Europa

Infinite Ammo
To have infinite ammo, you must go at the option menu and press [Alt] + [F4], then press two times [Alt] + [Ctrl] + [Delete], then return to the game and you’ll have infinite ammo.


Cheat screen
Hold [Ctrl] and enter one of the following codes while playing to enable the desired cheat.

muchmoney — $130,000
allweapons — All weapons
helpm — e Repair damage
agressor — Unlimited weapons
booster — Extra acceleration

Aces of the great war

To keep your pilots alive forever, make a copy of the ROSTER.DAT file before going on a dangerous mission. If you get killed, you can copy the file back and your pilot is resurrected – as though he had never flown the fatal mission. For example, to copy the file, change to the Aces directory and type: COPY ROSTER.DAT BACKUP.XXX To resurrect a pilot, change to the Aces directory and then type: COPY BACKUP.XXX ROSTER.DAT Make sure you copy the ROSTER.DAT file every time you successfully complete a mission.